Love for Personal Injury Patients

As physical therapists, we are on the front lines of helping individuals who have experienced personal injury. We have the unique opportunity to help with their pain and mechanical dysfunction as they get back to life, play and work. We provide education of their injury, hands on care, exercise prescription and progression, and return to work conditioning and planning – all of which are critical components in a plan of care with our patients.

As physical therapists, we often work closely with attorneys and other medical professionals to make sure our personal injury patients can maneuver the challenges they face with injury, property damage and lost work.

If you know someone who has experienced personal injury, Share the Love by referring them to a Mountain Land clinic in their area.

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January Photo Spotlight: Jeff Box

jeffphotoThis month’s photographer spotlight is on Jeff Box, PT, MPT, a physical therapist and clinic director in the Idaho region. Jeff’s photo was selected for the month of January in our calendar.

Jeff captured his winning shot during a snowmobile trip to some geothermal pools in Yellowstone National Park. The contrast and lines of the scene really caught his eye. In his spare time Jeff enjoys playing guitar, riding bikes, exercising and taking photos.

Beautiful photo, Jeff. We are excited to see many more photos from you and hope to see them in this year’s staff photo contest and calendar!

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New Code of Conduct & Ethics Now Available

bob-farrell-smcoce“Do the right thing for the right reason” is an oft repeated phrase within our businesses. I am proud of the fact that employees throughout our companies recognize the importance of making good decisions and ones that help us live up to our Core Value of Integrity. A written Code of Conduct and Ethics is an important reminder and resource for all of us. It helps clarify our companies’ beliefs and provides guidance to address questions regarding individual or company practices. I hope all of us will familiarize ourselves with the Code of Conduct and Ethics and continue to allow its principles to govern our collective actions and efforts to “do the right thing for the right reason.”

-Bob Farrell, CEO

Find the Code of Conduct on the front page of the Staff Portal or in the Compliance folder within SharePoint. Click here to access the Staff Portal.

laura-sm-ltI’m pretty excited and proud of the new MLR Code of Conduct & Ethics. I hope all of our staff will take the time to read the Code while enjoying the beautiful photographic contributions from our talented employees. Special thanks to the photographers, Teea Lamb, Lina Buchanan, Travis Alexander, Nick Woolley, Brian White, Brad Sween, Nancy Beckley, Mary Nester, the MLR Board of Directors and Executive Management team for the many hours of creation, contribution, reviews, and edits. A job well done!

- Laura Riddell, CCO


Clinic of the Quarter – Egg Roulette

In today’s Outpatient Multi-Regional Directors meeting, the Santaquin and Kaysville outpatient clinics were both nominated as the best clinic of the quarter. Because they each received the same number of votes, a tie-breaker was needed to see which clinic would take home the prize.

To determine the winner, Brad Horrocks (director of the Santaquin clinic) and Brian Pennock (director of the Kaysville clinic) squared off in egg roulette. Each one held an egg in their hand – one egg was hard-boiled, the other was normal – and at the same time thrust the egg into their forehead. The person with the normal egg wins. See the results below:

Congratulations to the Santaquin clinic for winning Best Clinic of the Quarter.

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