Let’s Talk About Feet

Mountain Land’s therapists are passionate about helping their patients, whatever their ailment or condition. Because of that passion, our therapists often expand their knowledge and training beyond manual and physical therapy. For instance, Cynthia Indergard, a physical therapist at our Moab clinic, works diligently to help her patients stay active. To do that, Cynthia provides orthotic evaluations for her patients so they can have a better experience on their feet. Check out the below video for more information.

If you know someone who can benefit from an orthotics evaluation, we invite you to refer them to a Mountain Land Physical Therapy clinic in their area.

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June Photo Spotlight: Nick Woolley

7-juneThis month’s photographer spotlight is on Nick Woolley, our Online Technology Specialist. Nick’s photo was selected for the month of June in our calendar.

Nick’s winning photo was taken in Misery Canyon, just outside of Zion National Park. Nick had just splashed down into a beautiful spot known as ‘The Arch Room’ when he turned to see the amazing reflected sunlight as a friend lowered herself down. The canyon is more commonly known as Fat Man’s Misery, originally because of a constriction that made it difficult for larger folks to get through. That feature has since been washed away by seasonal flooding, but the canyon has kept the name due to the strenuous 15-mile round-trip hike to complete, including several rappels up to about 60 feet.

Great photo, Nick! We are excited to see many more from you and hope to see them in this year’s staff photo contest and calendar!

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Introducing the 2015 Staff Photo Contest!

Our Staff Photo Contest has become a staple yearly activity here at Mountain Land, as members of the Mountain Land family submit their best photos for the coming year’s company calendar. As we have in the past, we are inviting any and all to submit photos for a chance at fame and fortune. The winning photos will be included in the 2016 calendar, and the photographers will be rewarded with a $50 gift card.

We are looking for fun, exciting, dynamic, high quality images that reflect the active lifestyles of our employees, patients, families, and friends. These should be photos that reflect Mountain Land’s culture and dedication to helping people live healthy and active lives.

You also might want to submit pictures with the thought of it being featured for a specific month. Some categories or suggestions for subjects might be:

Activities featuring people:

Running, Mountain Biking, Skiing, Hiking, Playing Sports, and Enjoying Time with Family and Friends.


Winter, Summer, Fall, Spring, Trails, Woods, Ocean, Jungle, Lakes, Mountains

Abstract & Artistic:

Close Ups, Narrow Depth of Field, Details and Textures

Our team is comprised of talented people that maintain active lifestyles, and we want to capture that in this year’s contest. We look forward to seeing all of your amazing images, good luck!

Click here for more information and to submit your photos!


Hope Box Theatre: Offering Hope to Cancer Patients

hopeboxAt Mountain Land, we’re excited to celebrate the efforts of our team both inside and outside the company. Occasionally, we have the opportunity to learn of the good Mountain Land employees are doing in their communities.

Derek Raynor, who works in the finance department, spends most of his free time at the Hope Box Theatre in Kaysville, Utah. The Hope Box Theatre is a brand new community theatre and home to the children’s performing groups Showstopper Productions and Showstopper Academy.

Not only is Hope Box Theatre a great place for performing, it’s also seeks to benefit those battling cancer by giving a portion of all ticket sales and 100% of donations toward cancer patients! Owner and director Jan Williams has battled cancer herself three times. During her latest bout with stage 3 ovarian cancer, it was the thoughts of her students and attending performing arts events that kept her going. During one of her darkest nights and hardest treatments, Jan came up with the idea of Hope Box Theatre. It’s a theatre that gives back to families dealing with cancer. It is a place where creativity, vision, and talents combine to give HOPE to others.

To learn more about Hope Box Theatre visit www.hopeboxtheatre.com. Hope Box Theatre…giving HOPE to families battling cancer through the performing arts.