Hope Box Theatre: Offering Hope to Cancer Patients

hopeboxAt Mountain Land, we’re excited to celebrate the efforts of our team both inside and outside the company. Occasionally, we have the opportunity to learn of the good Mountain Land employees are doing in their communities.

Derek Raynor, who works in the finance department, spends most of his free time at the Hope Box Theatre in Kaysville, Utah. The Hope Box Theatre is a brand new community theatre and home to the children’s performing groups Showstopper Productions and Showstopper Academy.

Not only is Hope Box Theatre a great place for performing, it’s also seeks to benefit those battling cancer by giving a portion of all ticket sales and 100% of donations toward cancer patients! Owner and director Jan Williams has battled cancer herself three times. During her latest bout with stage 3 ovarian cancer, it was the thoughts of her students and attending performing arts events that kept her going. During one of her darkest nights and hardest treatments, Jan came up with the idea of Hope Box Theatre. It’s a theatre that gives back to families dealing with cancer. It is a place where creativity, vision, and talents combine to give HOPE to others.

To learn more about Hope Box Theatre visit www.hopeboxtheatre.com. Hope Box Theatre…giving HOPE to families battling cancer through the performing arts.

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Running For Haiti

President’s Message

Mountain Land Rehabilitation’s “RUNNING For HAITI”

As president of Mountain Land Rehabilitation I am proud of our company’s commitment to our core values. We are a caring company that reaches out to our communities and beyond. Many of our employees spend their free time serving and doing humanitarian work throughout the world. Mountain Land employees have a strong reputation of being quality people and that is why I am endorsing Mountain Land’s “RUNNING For HAITI” which will not only give Mountain Land tremendous marketing exposure, but more importantly will help many of the world’s poorest children gain an education to assist them break their poverty cycle.

There are over 350,000 orphans in Port au Prince alone, all of which desperately need an education to give them any sort of chance to break out of the poverty cycle. Haiti is the poorest country in the western Hemisphere. Money that people could use for education is used to literally sustain life. Haitian Roots is a charitable organization that builds schools and pays for children in Haiti’s education and Mountain Land’s “RUNNING For HAITI” will raise money to assist their cause. There is a high degree of accountability in this program as the students are required to report and show their report cards and progress regularly.

I am encouraging all Mountain Land employees to go visit the RUNNING For HAITI page on our web site or to haitianroots.com and pledge what you can to walk or run during this event and order your very own Mountain Land RUNNING For HAITI t-shirt. We will join with thousands of caring people from all over and don our t-shirts and walk or run wherever we are on October 3, 2015. We have teamed up with the St. George Marathon but you can run or walk your own path that day whether it be in an organized race or on your own.

We have created a special team for our company, called Team Mountain Land, on the site that you can join when signing up. Please feel free to also invite your family, friends, patients, and doctor colleagues to sign up under Team Mountain Land if they plan to participate. Our goal as a Mountain Land family is to raise $6,000, which will help support 20 children at $300 per child.

I invite all Mountain Land employees to participate in and promote RUNNING For HAITI in any way you can. If you have any questions please contact Steve Bennett (Sun River Clinic Director, St. George, Utah) at steveb@mlrehab.com. Thank you for your participation in an event that will not only build our company but also make a difference in the lives of the children of Haiti.

Mark A. Anderson P.T.
Mountain Land Rehabilitation, Inc.

Click here to visit the Mountain Land Running For Haiti Page

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The Mountain Land 26.2 Club

262clubAnnouncing the 26.2 Club! In the running world, the number 26.2 is significant because it is the number of miles in a marathon. In Mountain Land, the number is also significant because once a therapist completes at least 26 running evaluations; he or she becomes part of the 26.2 Club. Becoming part of this club is a symbol of experience and clinical excellence in working with runners.

Please congratulate our initial 26.2 Club members!

  • Bret Maiers, PT, DPT, OCS
  • Mark D. Anderson, PT, MPT, OCS
  • Brian Bay, PT, DPT
  • Nylin Johnson, PT, MOMT, ATC
  • Jeremy Stoker, PT, DPT, OCS

Each of these therapists is dedicated to promoting good health and running techniques among runners in their communities. As runners themselves, they’re passionate about the sport and love helping others make the most of their running ability and opportunity.

To commemorate this achievement, we’ve provided each therapist with a hoody and polo with the Mountain Land 26.2 Club logo.

We look forward to seeing our 26.2 Club grow! Let’s keep those runners running!

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Share The Love: The Graston Technique

At Mountain Land, our therapists employ many techniques to help our patients overcome pain and injury and live better lives. One of these techniques is called the Graston Technique, which is used to help people who experience pain from muscle, tendon, or connective tissues injuries.

If you know someone who experiences pain from soft tissue injuries or adhesions around muscles, tendons, or ligaments, please Share the Love by referring them to a clinic in their area.

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