Share The Love Hits 100!

stl-100We are excited to announce that last week we hit our goal of 100 Share the Love referrals – three and a half months ahead of schedule! While it is always fun to set a number goal and achieve it, it’s most fun to know that we helped each one of those 100 patients recover from their injuries and return to the lives they love. What a wonderful privilege to be able to serve these patients like we do!

Thank you to everyone who has referred a friend, family member or acquaintance. Your efforts have allowed these people to live happier more active lives while also supporting the growth of our company. Seriously… Thank you!
Now that we’ve seen what the Mountain Land family can do, we’re raising our sights and setting a new Share the Love referral goal. We would like to see if we can introduce another 150 friends and family members to the valuable services we offer within the next 12 months. . We would LOVE it if we could beat this new goal just like we did the last one. Let’s make it happen!

Also, be sure to keep an eye on the Share the Love referral counter on our website. You can find it on the Staff Blog and the Share the Love page. You’ll also see the top referrers underneath.

Here are a few interesting stats for the first 100 referrals:

  • Our best month was February, with 20 referrals. So far, we’re on track to blow that out of the water in March – don’t slow down now!
  • Our top Share the Love referrer was Kae Bean with a whopping 14 referrals! Amazing job, Kae!
  • Jessica Hendricks and Sari Stahl are right behind Kae with 9 and 8 referrals respectively.

Thanks again, everyone for your hard work and dedication to Mountain Land! You are really making a difference!

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Kae Bean – Share the Love Master

kaeAt Mountain Land, we are privileged to employ amazing people who dedicate their lives to their work and are excited to share what we do with the world. Last summer, we started the Share the Love program to empower our employees in helping grow our business by referring friends and family to our services.

One member of the Mountain Land family who has really taken Share the Love to heart is Kae Bean, the clinic coordinator at the Santaquin Outpatient Clinic. Kae has referred 13 patients to Mountain Land in the last six months.

We had a chance to speak with Kae about her experience, and found that her experiences drive her passion for promoting Mountain Land.

What motivates you to Share the Love?
Physical Therapy has become a part of my life. Not only because of my job, but because I’ve been helped by physical therapy multiple times in my life and understand the benefits and how it can make a person’s life better. I want to give others the same opportunities to regain mobility and be pain free as I’ve experienced.

Where do you find people to refer?
If I see or know someone who I think could benefit from physical therapy, I talk to them. If I see a person in a brace in line at the store, or someone struggling to pick something up off the ground, I ask them if they’ve been to a physical therapist and invite them to come to Mountain Land Physical Therapy and check us out. I also offer a free assessment.

Have you ever been afraid to just start talking to people?
Talking to people comes pretty naturally to me. It’s a part of my personality. I look for opportunities, and take them when they come up.

Do you set goals for how many people you want to talk to about Mountain Land?
I don’t have to, I just do it when the opportunities arise. But honestly, most people ask me for my advice. I’ve been a big part of the community in many ways for many years and have developed relationships with many types of people. I think that they trust me and value my opinion. People will stop me at the grocery store, at church or even call my house.

What tips do you have for other employees who want to Share the Love?
Everyone is looking for ways to feel better. They appreciate knowing there are solutions for their pain and struggles. Just ask yourself: if you were in pain and someone had a solution that could help you, wouldn’t you want to know? That’s how I view it, and that’s why I share it.

Thank you Kae for your dedication to your work and to Mountain Land and good luck as you continue to Share the Love.

If you know someone who could benefit from our services, Share the Love by referring them to a Mountain Land location near them.

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February Photo Spotlight: Nicole Elkington

nicole-photoThis month’s photographer spotlight is on Nicole Elkington, Director of Operations in the Rehab Services division. Nicole’s photo was selected for the month of February in our calendar.

Nicole captured her winning shot during a work trip to Portland, Oregon. She took a detour to Lincoln City where she discovered this beautiful scene as the sun went down over the Pacific Ocean, while exploring tide pools full of starfish, sea anemones and seals. The moment was captured with a Canon SX520 camera. Nicole loves to take photos of the sky, sun and ocean and she loves to travel – a perfect combination.

Beautiful photo, Nicole. We are excited to see many more photos from you and hope to see them in this year’s staff photo contest and calendar!

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