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About Mountain Land

Mountain Land Rehabilitation is a comprehensive rehabilitation services company, founded in Salt Lake City in 1984. Owned and operated by therapists, Mountain Land has a proven record of excellence in the provision and management of therapy services.

We provide therapy services in skilled nursing facilities, hospitals, transitional care centers, orthopedic outpatient clinics, work sites, as well as in-home therapy services. Our operations extend throughout Utah and other western states.

We are committed to providing opportunities for Mountain Land therapists to achieve professional growth and development while working in exciting and challenging work environments.

Our Mission

We restore, support, and promote active and healthy lifestyles.

Our Vision

We are a leading healthcare provider committed to living our core values and inspiring life’s most meaningful endeavors.

Our Core Values

1. Clinical Excellence

We provide the highest standards of care to achieve the greatest outcome for our patients.

2. Operational and Fiscal Efficiency

We achieve success through measured, efficient and ethical operational efforts.

3. Caring Company Culture

Our decisions and actions demonstrate we care about team members and the communities we serve.

4. Exceptional Customer Service

We know our customers and continuously strive to improve their experience.

5. Integrity

We are committed to honest and ethical decision making.

6. Entrepreneurial Spirit

We are creative and open to ideas that bring opportunities for improvement and growth.

7. Have Fun!

We actively promote a culture of fun.

8. Gratitude

We focus on the positives and show appreciation for those around us.

Our Commitments


  • Use state of the art techniques and equipment appropriate to the patient’s needs.
  • Treat the patients with the dignity and respect they deserve.
  • Provide meaningful and ethical rehabilitation consistent with the desire and needs of the patient.
  • Provide clinical collaboration for the maximum benefit to the patient.
  • Maintain high documentation standards to assure consistency of treatments and linearity of rehabilitation outcomes.
  • Provide an appropriate career path to attract and retain exceptional clinical staff.


  • Provide adequate space and appropriate equipment for quality patient care.
  • Provide ethical and honest treatment billings to facilities and individuals.
  • Provide continuing education to therapists to maintain state of the art rehabilitation techniques.
  • Provide appropriate marketing techniques consistent with the market place in which we do business.
  • Maintain the financial strength and business integrity necessary to fulfill our mission.
  • Hire and retain qualified and dedicated employees at all levels in the company.

Mountain Land Philosophy

Mountain Land Rehabilitation strives for continuity and consistency in our staffing. Our priority is to provide our patients and our customers with a consistent team of therapists that will become an integrated part of your team and will develop strong professional relationships with your staff. Mountain Land Rehabilitation has a reputation of employing and retaining the highest quality professional staff; the more competent our therapy specialists, the greater degree of excellence, outcome, and profitability in the delivery of services. Each building has a dedicated Rehabilitation Team Leader and rehabilitation staff who are supported by our highly experienced managers as outlined below.

Mountain Land Company Culture

Our culture is best described as an engaged group of people committed to improving the quality of life for our patients, improving the quality of our work life and being invested in each other’s success.

Our company culture is expressed through the words and behaviors of each employee. Our company culture reflects our company vision statement along with our company core values.

Our company culture is especially influenced by our organization’s founders, executives and management staff because of their role in decision making and strategic direction. Our organization is run by practicing professionals with a management team that supports and guides rather than controls.

The bottom line is that you are going to spend a lot of time in a work environment and in order to be happy, successful and productive, you need to understand a company’s culture and the way business is conducted. We have defined “the way we do business” through our Vision Statement and Core Values. This is indeed a place where you can have a voice, be respected and have opportunities for growth.