Be Our Core Values: Operational and Fiscal Efficiency


We achieve maximal financial success through ethical, efficient and measured operational efforts.
Recently, a precocious eight year old was asked what it meant to be fiscally responsible. Without missing a beat she immediately replied that it means you are responsible for your own fiscal.

The Webster dictionary defines the word fiscal as “1.Relating to the public treasury or revenues, and”. They go on to define efficiency as “producing the desired result with a minimum amount of effort, expense or waste.” While this means something different to each team; it’s really about being financially responsible.

As a therapy company it is important to be cognizant of the fact that while we cannot always control the financial climate of the heath care industry; we can be aware of our spending in an attempt to control expenses and waste.

The finance department strives to gather, assemble and interpret data in order to provide the information necessary to measure the financial well being of each department, while adhering to standard accounting principles. It is therefore important that we receive accurate and timely data regarding the revenues generated and their collections; as well as the expenses incurred and paid on behalf of the company. Just as important, if not THE important item is the task of paying our employees accurately and timely. Our employees are truly our product in the marketplace.

Brian White has touched on just a very few of the many services that we provide in order to help achieve the fiscal efficiency as follows:

Lease Agreement Management
Monthly AR Meetings
Monthly Contractual Adjustment and Bad Debt Meetings
Monthly Financial Packets

The monthly financial packets are meant to reflect a true picture of your department’s health, and are excellent tools for measuring the outcome of each month’s activity. We ask that each clinic director or area manager review the financials in a timely manner and let us know immediately if you have questions or concerns.

We can all work together to improve our departments and ultimately our company by making sure that each and everyone of us work to Be Our Core Values while being “responsible for our own fiscal”.

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