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Staff Spotlight: Becky Perry

Becky Perry has been with Mountain Land for over twenty-five years, and this week is her last week as the Inpatient Billing Director, as she sails off into Retirement. Becky is one of those people that will not soon be forgotten, and has made an impact on each and every one of us at Mountain Land and Brighton. Becky, we will miss your quick wit, funny stories, hard work, and amazing friendship. Below are a few messages to wish you well. Don’t be a stranger!



When I first started at Mountain Land seventeen years ago I met Becky and immediately knew who was in charge. I knew that if I was going to last in my job I better acknowledge her value to the business and either be her friend or get out of the way. When in need of a frank and honest opinion, Becky has never been at a loss for words. When searching for loyalty and commitment, Becky is a stellar example. Consistent, dependable and a truly caring person. Although she often likes to present that rough tough attitude, her heart is made of gold and she will do anything for anyone in need. We will miss Becky but her fingerprints are all over the company and that is a good thing. Good luck Becky, we will miss you a ton. ~ Bob Farrell, CEO

Becky Perry has been a real asset to Mountain Land for many years. It’s been a pleasure to work with her. I could always count on her quick wit and sarcasm to add a little levity to the day. I wish her well and hope she enjoys many years of good health and happiness!
~ James Rasmussen, CFO



I was hired as a medical transcriptionist at Mountain Land by Becky twenty years ago. Several years later when the transcription department was dissolved, Becky was kind enough to make room for me in the billing department under her supervision. In early December 1999 Becky recommended me for the open position in payroll and encouraged me to take on the challenge. In January of 2000 I found out just what kind of a jokester she truly is—quarterly taxes, annual taxes, and W-2 preparation…..I could only blame Becky for the horrifying “baptism by fire” and bedwetting.

Becky has truly been an integral part of my career at Mountain Land. She has been a fantastic mentor and friend and is the embodiment of our core values of integrity and caring. Becky, your wickedly quick wit and infectious laugh have lifted my spirits more times than I can number. Thank you for all the smiles along the way and for being the incredible YOU! It has truly been a pleasure working with you over the years and I will greatly miss you. ~ Lisa Simmons, Payroll

What do you say when you have worked with someone for over 17 years. We have been thru a lot of changes in those years. When I started at Mountain Land Becky was over both inpatient and outpatient billing departments. The two departments eventually split and Becky became the director of inpatient billing. I was working in the outpatient billing department at that time and as soon as there was an opening in the inpatient billing dept., I transferred. Becky has always been very supportive for those who reported to her. For example, when I was going thru cancer treatments I would get nauseated from the chemotherapy and would need someone to drive me back from my appointments. When I couldn’t find anyone to go with me Becky would gladly take me. I guess the best thing working with Becky is that she has become a really good friend. She will definitely be missed, especially by me. ~ Alison Landeen, Inpatient Billing



Becky is more than a coworker. She is a friend. She is a mother figure. She is Becky! I am going to miss Becky heckling me for coming in late and talking about the latest Bachelor drama. It is a good thing she doesn’t live too far, so we can still go to Red Iguana for lunch on Monday’s. The office is going to be empty without Becky’s smile and helpfulness. On the bright side, the best thing about Becky retiring is that she can focus on getting me a husband 😉 I’M GONNA MISS YOU BECKY!! ~ Kylie King, Operations Analyst, Rehab Services

Becky is very fun to work with. She keeps everyone laughing with her quick wit and funny sense of humor. She pretends to be tough, but she is really a big softy. She cares about everyone and likes to get to know everyone. She is good at making you feel like your life and your story is important and interesting. She is usually the life of the party and always has something funny to say. I have really enjoyed working with her for the past 5 years and am really going to miss her! ~ Teea Lamb, Executive Assistant


sister wives

I started out working as an Administrative Assistant in the former Inpatient Division. My desk was located just down the hall from Becky. I didn’t have much reason to interact with her initially, until they hired someone who split their time between Administration and Billing. I started going into their office to ask questions more often and I couldn’t tell if Becky hated me or if she was just being sarcastic. Perhaps it was a mixture of both at first; testing me to make sure I could hold my own in a battle of wits. I quickly grew to appreciate Becky’s dry sense of humor and we’ve been joking around ever since.

Actually, she probably did hate me at first because she falsely believes there was a time that I almost got her hit by a semi on the freeway. Or the time that Billing believed someone broke into their office in the middle of the night because of a prank I had pulled, gone awry. Or the time I posted a video of her doing an impressive headstand without her approval (oh wait, that was last week). Here is to all of the lunches, jokes, shared curly hair management tips, Instagram stalking, and good times!

Congratulations on your retirement Becky! Mountain Land will not be the same without you and I will miss you dearly! Good thing we’re pretty much next door neighbors now, I’m sure you’re SO HAPPY about that! ~ Lina Buchanan, Human Resources

Mark and Sisters2_sm

Becky is an amazing person!!!! I am so grateful for everything she has helped me with. She has been available at ALL hours. I can always count on Becky. I am really going to miss you Becky! ~ Kim Pennington-Lovell, Brighton Hawaii Regional Manager

Becky Perry- calm, steadfast, reliable, positive, “can do attitude”, smart, team player, honest, great trainer and coach. My fav memory with Becky-visiting Mark Twain’s cabin on Jackass hill. ~ Lin Reed, Brighton California Regional Manager


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