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Hamstring Strain Injuries

Episode 56 of the Mountain Land Running Medicine Podcast artwork
On this month’s episode of the Mountain Land Running Medicine Podcast, we sit down with Dr. David Opar to discuss Hamstring Strain Injuries. Dr. Opar is the Director of the Sports Performance, Recovery, Injury and New Technologies (SPRINT) Research Centre at Australian Catholic University. He has conducted extensive research into hamstring strain injuries with a particular focus on how best to identify individuals at risk of this injury and how rehabilitation practices can be improved. From his research, he also co-invented the NordBord, which is a field measure of eccentric hamstring strength. More recently, Dr. Opar has joined and contributes to the NFL Lower Extremity Soft Tissue Injury Task Force.

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Running Postpartum

In this episode of the Mountain Land Running Medicine Podcast, we host a panel of experts from around the world in the second of a two-part series on the topic of running and pregnancy. For the last topic of the series, our panel is discussing Running Postpartum. This international panel includes Rita Deering, DPT, PhD, from Carroll University, Shefali M. Christopher, DPT, from Elon University, Tom Goom (@RunningPhysio) from The Physio Rooms in England, Grainne Donnelly (@Absolute.Physio) (Bsc Hons Pg Cert HCPC MCSP Current MSc Student), and Emma Brockwell (@PhysioMum), a Specialist Women’s Health Physiotherapist.

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Should Adolescents Run Marathons?

Mountain Land Running Medicine Podcast episode 53 artwork

Josh Goldman, MD from UCLA is our guest for this Mountain Land Running Medicine Podcast. Dr. Goldman is a Health Science Assistant Clinical Professor of Family Medicine and Orthopedic Surgery. He cares for both Family Medicine and Sports Medicine patients of all ages, while supervising medical students, residents, and Sports Medicine fellows. Dr. Goldman is the team physician for the UCLA football, men’s soccer, and women’s water polo teams. He currently serves as the program director for the UCLA Sports Medicine Fellowship, the Associate Director for the Center for Sports Medicine at the Orthopedic Institute for Children, and the Associate Director for Sports Medicine within the UCLA Steve Tisch BrainSPORT Program. He has previously served as team physician at the United States Olympic Training Center, the Association of Volleyball Professionals Tour, and USA Hockey. Dr. Goldman’s research interests include concussion in sport, pediatric overuse injuries, and running-related injuries.

Goldman JT, Miller E, Runestad S, Serpa R, Beck J. Should Adolescents Run Marathons?: Youth Marathon Training Injury Epidemiology and Risk Factors. Clin J Sport Med. 2020 Sep 15. doi: 10.1097/JSM.0000000000000870. Epub ahead of print. PMID: 32941370.


Measuring Training Load

Episode 52 of the Mountain Land Running Medicine podcast artwork
Welcome to episode 52 of the Mountain Land Running Medicine Podcast! This month hosts Bryan and Jeremy sit down with Max Paquette, PhD from the University of Memphis. Dr. Paquette is an associate professor in the College of Health Sciences, director of the Musculoskeletal Analysis Laboratory and biomechanist within the Human Performance Center. His research interests are largely focused on lower limb joint mechanics with regards to injury risk reduction and performance improvement in runners, with a particular interest in the effects of different footwear, fatigue/repetition, altered techniques and training interventions. Dr. Paquette has published over 50 peer-reviewed scientific articles and has contributed to numerous popular media articles and podcasts on the science of running. He also consults with high school, collegiate and world-class track and field athletes and their coaches to optimize performance and reduce injury risks.

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