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Mountain Land Compliance

Since 1986, Mountain Land Rehabilitation has provided evidence-based therapy while being true to our Core Values of Integrity, Clinical Excellence, and Operational & Fiscal Efficiency.

Mark Anderson“As Mountain Land Rehabilitation celebrates it’s third decade, I am very proud of the integrity of the members of our team. Our success and longevity is based on a culture of doing the right things for the right reasons. We understand it is our responsibility to know the rules and regulations in healthcare. It is our daily commitment to be compliant in all aspects of our care and business practices. Our core values guide us. Every employee is responsible for maintaining the highest standards of ethical conduct. As a company we are committed to doing what is right, having integrity and being compliant.”

– Mark Anderson, Founder


Standards, Policies and Procedures

1. Standards, Policies, & Procedures

  • Consult with appropriate and competent legal resources
  • Maintain a compliance plan and program
  • Maintain policies and procedures to address regulatory requirements and interactions with other healthcare industry participants

  • Compliance Program Administration

    2. Compliance Program Administration

  • Company shall assign a Compliance Officer who reports to the MLR Board of Directors, and oversees the compliance efforts of the company
  • Coordinate operational aspects of a compliance program with the oversight committee
  • Coordinate organization eff orts to maintain a compliance program
  • Recommend the scope of the compliance program in keeping with current industry standards
  • Maintain knowledge of current regulatory changes and interpretation of laws

  • Screening & Evaluation

    3. Screening & Evaluation

  • Ensure the organization has processes in place to identify and disclose conflicts of interest
  • Conduct background checks in accordance with applicable rules and laws
  • Conduct compliance sensitive exit interviews
  • Monitor government sanction lists for excluded individuals and entities

  • Communication, Education & Training

    4. Communication, Education, & Training

  • Communicate compliance information throughout the organization
  • Educate staff and other appropriate agents and contractors on compliance policies
  • Promote a culture of compliance throughout the organization

  • Monitoring, Auditing & Reporting

    5. Monitoring, Auditing, & Reporting

  • Monitor for violations of applicable laws and regulations
  • Conduct risk assessments
  • Enable staff to report noncompliance
  • Conduct compliance audits
  • Address audits conducted by external entities

  • Discipline for Non-Compliance

    6. Discipline for Non-Compliance

  • Ensure discipline is consistent with policies and procedures
  • Ensure that compliance related violations are addressed in disciplinary policies
  • Coordinate with management to ensure appropriate and timely corrective action is taken

  • Investigations & Remedial Measures

    7. Investigations & Remedial Measures

  • Develop corrective action plans in response to non-compliance
  • Respond to inquiries promptly, thoroughly, and discreetly
  • Investigate matters related to non-compliance
  • Coordinate voluntary disclosures with legal counsel

  • Resource Acknowledgment: Compliance 101: Third Edition By Debbie Troklus, CHC-F, CCEP-F, CHRC, CHPC and Greg Warner

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