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Benefits of Mountain Land Industrial Therapy

  • Allow you to hire the right people for the job
  • Reduce costs of care to you the employer:
  • Development of custom prevention programs which reduce the likelihood of recordable injuries occurring in your company
  • If an accident or injury does occur removing Physical Therapy from a cost silo and letting it be the solution for musculoskeletal disorders and getting your employees back to work sooner
  • Same Day Access
  • First 24 hours after reported discomfort are critical will set the stage for healthcare costs down the line
  • Affordability
  • Remove Physical Therapy from the cost silo in order to reduce overall healthcare costs (avoid costly imaging injections, and surgery). ROI of 3:1 on average
  • Rapid Return to Function
  • Goal to return employees back to work within 3-5 days at optimal function and not just symptom resolution
  • Functional Outcomes
  • Measurable functional outcomes measured on every patient on every visit to reduce unnecessary visits. Focus is on Function and not pain!
  • Patient Satisfaction
  • Early intervention provides faster results and increases satisfaction scores for provider and employer