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Post Injury Therapy

post-injury iconMedical Triage: Keeping in mind that the initial interaction with a medical provider often determines spending in health care we provide first aid as defined by OSHA guidelines prior to entering into any formal physical therapy (PT) recordable injury treatment. The Physical Therapy team provides timely referrals to appropriate outside medical professionals when it is out of the scope of PT practice.

Physical Therapy: The Physical Therapy team works as musculoskeletal primary care providers when assessing an injured employee. After a formal medical assessment is complete, a treatment plan is developed focusing on rapid return to function (not pain) and safe return to full duty work.

Functional Capacity Evaluation: A comprehensive functional test designed to measure and document objective information related to the maximal safe functional ability (work capacity) of an individual. When a job description is available the test can be specific to the job and can determine if the individual’s abilities match the demands of the job. This test is generally used to assist with determination of return to work for a previously injured employee.

Work Conditioning: A formal exercise program designed to get an individual back to work using activities which either simulate or include actual job functions. These programs can be done either on-site at the employer or in an outpatient office.