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prevention iconPrevention can begin in the pre-hire phase of employment with Pre-Employment Post Offer Screening (PWS) however is typically related to working with current employees to keep them from developing injury or illness which would prevent them from doing normal daily job activities. This can include health risk assessments, stretching programs, discomfort surveys, and use of ergonomic products/solutions.

Functional Job Analysis: The process of evaluating and measuring the critical demands and essential functions an employee must perform on any given job. This involves assessing the employee, the work and the work site.

Functional Job Description: This job description is developed from the job analysis and includes accurate and detailed information about the physical demands of a given job. This can include frequency, duration, rate, weight, and distances of all critical demands and essential functions and can be used to determine hiring and return to work status. This also serves as the blue print for the Pre-Employment, Post Offer Screen.

Pre-Employment, Post Offer Screening (PWS): A test used to identify an applicant’s ability to perform the essential physical demands of a specific job. This test is designed based off of a functional job description and must be EEOC compliant.

Stretching Program: Designed to increase blood flow and maximize efficiency for the individual, stretching programs should be specific to each job or area and are a part of an overall ergonomics program.

New Hire Body Conditioning: A formal program which delivers work oriented specific exercises and functional activities designed to condition a new hire to be able to meet the physical demands of a job. This can include strengthening, stretching, endurance/cardiovascular fitness activity.