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inpatient physical therapy

Mountain Land Inpatient Services

Mountain Land Rehabilitation’s goal is to provide the highest quality, comprehensive therapy available to our patients. Therapists and support staff are selected based on their desire to work in specific health care settings. Our programs are structured to ensure that our patients achieve the highest level of function and independence. Treatment programs are individually designed, coordinated, and carried out by our highly integrated interdisciplinary team which includes Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Speech-Language Pathology.

The healthcare providers of Mountain Land are particularly sensitive to the fact that individuals enter extended care facilities each year in order to attempt to restructure their lives, learn new skills, and regain independence. Our staff recognize that this is not an easy process. Our patients may need to relearn even the simplest tasks and make serious emotional adjustments in their life.

Mountain Land’s therapists recognize each patient as a person first. A woman being seen after a stroke is still a wife, mother, sister, and grandmother with a lifetime of accomplishments and memories. A man with a total hip replacement is still a son, brother, father, and uncle who has spent a lifetime providing for his family and now is dependent on them for his every day needs. These realities are important to us, and the outcomes we achieve for each patient brings them one step closer to regaining independence.

In order to achieve our goals, for each patient we set the highest standards in the provision of care. These standards include:

  • Showing each patient and their family members respect while at all costs preserving the patient’s rights and dignity
  • Employing the most current therapy techniques utilizing a “state-of-the-art” care based on each individuals condition and needs
  • Consistently communicating with families, patients, and physicians to improve the established outcomes of the rehabilitation program
  • Utilizing innovative programs which are structured to ensure that our patients achieve the highest possible level of functional independence