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Specialized Training

Mountain Land Rehabilitation offers specialized training and knowledge-sharing among all professionals. Our expertise is yours. Mountain Land Rehabilitation participates in the certification and training process of certified nurses aides and restorative nurses aides through our Life Skills Enhancement Program.

  • Mountain Land helps nursing and other ancillary staff to recognize the rehabilitation needs of all of the patients in each facility.
  • Mountain Land Rehabilitation sponsors and provides ongoing training and in-serving of our therapy staff and yours.
  • Mountain Land’s large network of therapists allow employees to have easy access to clinical specialists who can provide support and consultation over the phone, or in person.
  • Monthly discipline specific meetings are held with all therapists at Mountain Land Rehabilitation to ensure the latest techniques and ideas are shared within our network of qualified therapists.

In addition to specialized training to benefit patients, provisions of risk management ensures a decrease in workers compensation related injuries and a healthy working environment for all facility staff.
Mountain Land Rehabilitation works closely with each facility to educate staff in the prevention of work related injuries.

  • Mountain Land will provide in-services on a routine basis to train employees regarding proper body mechanics and lifting techniques.
  • Mountain Land Rehabilitation employs Certified Ergonomics Specialists who may consult with the facility in the use of Ergonomics Programs as they pertain to the health care setting.