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What can I expect from Rehab?

Mountain Land Rehabilitation welcomes you to any of our rehabilitation programs. We feel from the very beginning it is important for you to set the goals regarding your program and know as much as possible about your program. We want you to know exactly how it works, what you can expect, and why it is designed the way it is.

Our programs are organized in phases. The very fact that the programs are organized and logical will have a positive effect on your functional outcome. Functional outcomes might be your ability to function in areas such as grooming, feeding, bowel and bladder control, self-care, recreation, and mobility. Our programs are powerful learning tools that will help you and your team plan your discharge from the very beginning. Remember, you and your family/caregiver are the most important members of that team. The program is the map that helps you look ahead to what is available for you in the future, and what your goals are for your life after you leave the rehabilitation program.

During your stay in our rehabilitation program, everything we do will focus on enabling you to relearn skills that you feel you have lost. We will also help you adapt using new skills for those which may be slow to recover or may never recover. In order to accomplish this we will be educating you to your program and creating a comfortable learning environment. You will work with a team of professionals to help you coordinate your care to produce functional improvement in all areas of your life, including physical, cognitive, emotional, and social. We will provide role models for you during your rehabilitation process, teach creative problem solving, and provide an environment to test your abilities to function in the community.

Depending on your physical and emotional needs, the treatment plan will include therapy interspersed with rest periods, visiting times, educational groups, and community outings. Patients may receive a combination of physical, occupational, and speech therapies, psychological counseling, social services, therapeutic recreation activities, and rehabilitation nursing.

Based on team recommendations treatment plans may include:

  • Range of motion, reconditioning, and strengthening exercises
  • Training in ambulation and mobility
  • Training in self-care: dressing, feeding, and grooming
  • Training in homemaking skills
  • Splinting and bracing
  • Bowel and bladder control training
  • Monitoring of medication
  • Patient and family education
  • Home visits for home modification
  • Family counseling
  • Leisure assessment and skills development training
  • Aquatics exercise program
  • Nutritional counseling
  • Psychological counseling and support
  • Coordinated discharge planning
  • Family support and education groups
  • Community living skills groups
  • Evaluation and fitting for adaptive equipment
  • Other interventions or therapies as needed

At Mountain Land Rehabilitation, we believe it is important for you to be in an environment with other individuals who have some of the same problems that you have. Therefore, when possible, you will be placed in groups with others who have similar needs.