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Lymphedema Treatment

At Mountain Land, we understand that everyone is unique in how they respond to treatment techniques. Our therapists work with patients to create a specialized treatment plan that works best for them. We provide a variety of treatments for lymphedema, including:

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Manual lymphatic drainage stimulates lymphatic passages by mild mechanical stretches on the walls of lymph vessels and reroutes lymph fluid around blocked areas.

Medical Compression Bandaging

Medical compression bandaging facilitates lymph flow, prevents refilling of the limb between treatment sessions, and encourages skin to reshape to a smaller size.

Therapeutic Exercises

When muscles contract, they exert pressure on the tissue. This then helps pump excess fluid out of the area. Regularly performing the prescribed exercises helps patients play an important part in their own care and self management.

Wound Care

Mountain Land’s lymphedema treatment program includes care for various types of wounds. When a fluid imbalance occurs, there is nowhere for fluid to go. Sometimes fluid will drain out of the limb. Lymphatic cysts are clear fluid like blisters. Sometimes the blister is not visible and fluid simply drains from the limb. Venous wounds are open wounds that have dark purple color around them and are very wet. Arteriole wounds are more grey and yellow around the wound and may not drain as much. All of these types of wounds are addressed in helping patients recover.

Individualized Exercise Programs

Exercises are prescribed for home performance to enhance lymphatic drainage and also restore flexibility, endurance, and function.

Patient Education in skin care, hygiene, self massage, and lifestyle precautions will help maintain the gains achieved in treatment.

At Mountain Land Physical Therapy, we offer lymphedema treatment throughout the full spectrum of care, starting with Home Health services, and progression to treatment from experienced therapists in our outpatient clinics. Your care won’t end with simply reducing your lymphedema, but continues with a prescribed management program for long term needs. Monthly follow ups with the therapist can be done as needed to monitor your condition and help keep you current on your compression needs. This means that we will work to get the swelling down and keep it down long term.