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Measuring Training Load

Episode 52 of the Mountain Land Running Medicine podcast artwork
Welcome to episode 52 of the Mountain Land Running Medicine Podcast! This month hosts Bryan and Jeremy sit down with Max Paquette, PhD from the University of Memphis. Dr. Paquette is an associate professor in the College of Health Sciences, director of the Musculoskeletal Analysis Laboratory and biomechanist within the Human Performance Center. His research interests are largely focused on lower limb joint mechanics with regards to injury risk reduction and performance improvement in runners, with a particular interest in the effects of different footwear, fatigue/repetition, altered techniques and training interventions. Dr. Paquette has published over 50 peer-reviewed scientific articles and has contributed to numerous popular media articles and podcasts on the science of running. He also consults with high school, collegiate and world-class track and field athletes and their coaches to optimize performance and reduce injury risks.

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