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Mountain Land And Neuroworx Team Up To Provide Adaptive Ski Day

adaptive-ski-day-2016-5Late this past summer, Mountain Land Physical Therapy teamed up with Neuroworx to provide an Adaptive Ski Day at Last Chance Lakes in Tooele, County.

The Adaptive Ski Day is a USA Water Ski sanctioned event that allows individuals experiencing physical disabilities an opportunity to enjoy a fun and safe time out on the lake with the support of experienced professionals. Many of the skiers were very active in sports prior to their injuries so having an opportunity like this makes them feel right at home.

adaptive-ski-day-2016-3Mountain Land and Neuroworx therapists assisted the skiers throughout the process, ensuring they were safe and comfortable while having fun. In addition to the Mountain Land and Neuroworx team members, there were certified boat drivers and other volunteers on hand to provide a great experience for everyone who participated.

A team effort is crucial to helping each skier have a safe and successful ride. Skiers ride on an adaptive ski that is customized to fit their individual needs. A designated water starter stabilizes the skier holding on to them as the boat picks up speed. Once the skier gets on plane, the starter lets go and the fun begins!

adaptive-ski-day-2016-2Once the skier is underway, a support team of drivers, spotters and swimmers are on hand as the skier makes laps up and down the lake. A chase boat follows close behind the skier with a swimmer ready to jump in and assist if the skier has any trouble. With the help of all of our great volunteer team members, six skiers were able to enjoy an exhilarating ride on the water that day!

Although this is the last Adaptive Ski Day of the year, Mountain Land and Neuroworx have three more ski days planned for 2017. Adaptive Ski Days would not be possible without the help of Mountain Land Physical Therapy, Neuroworx and the many volunteers who were a part of the fun at Last Chance Lakes. If this is something you’d like to participate in, please contact Rick Lybbert at rick@mlrehab.com.


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