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Mountain Land’s Acts of Service! Part 1

Several weeks ago, we encouraged our Mountain Land family to get involved with their communities through public service. Well, the time has come to give a big shout out to our Mountain Land staff for their “acts of service” and highlight how they positively impacted their communities! During the next few weeks, we will continue to feature more of our team’s community projects, so stay tuned!

Our Maple Grove, Idaho clinic staff helped keep parks and trails clean by picking up trash in Camels Back Park and Table Rock Trail.






The team at our West Point, Utah location helped plant and pull weeds at a local community garden.










Courtney Lopez, Operation Manager, donated blood to the American Red Cross.











Dee Hinkley, OT at South Davis Hospital helped her Mother-in-Law pot plants as well as do her wellness exercises.










Danielle Moorad, PT, DPT, LAT, ATC, CAFS, Clinic Director of the Tooele clinic helped pick up trash in Ophir Canyon while walking dogs and helped get a patient’s cows off the road. Danielle and her husband were also part of a dog rescue mission. A dog fell into a mine shaft just outside Stockton and his owner needed help getting him out. Danielle and her husband quickly grabbed medical supplies, tools, and harnesses and arrived at the scene around 10 pm. Her husband was lowered 50’ into the mine and was able to rescue the dog shortly after midnight. The dog had a few small scrapes and a possible torn ACL but is expected to make a full recovery.





Jake Jensen, PT, DPT, OCS at Park City, Utah did anchor replacements and trimmed bushes to make it safer to climb Ferguson Canyon.










Jan Naylor, Therapy Tech at Laurel, Montana created care packages for 200 women serving in the US Navy aboard the USS Bataan as well as put together sack lunches and care packages for the homeless and those in need of feeding their families during this pandemic.








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