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October Photo Spotlight: Nick Woolley

octoberThis month’s photographer spotlight is on Nick Woolley, Online Technology Specialist at Mountain Land Rehabilitation. Nick’s photo was selected for the month of October in our calendar.

Nick captured his winning photo at The Subway of Zion National Park, right at the end of October when the fall colors were popping. To get to the location of the photo, Nick and some friends took the Russel Gulch entrance into The Subway, which involved three 100-foot rappels and plenty of swimming. Being so late in the season, the water was ice cold. Below is a video Nick made of their hike that day.

To get the swirl of the leaves in the photo, Nick left the shutter open for 30 seconds. He used a Canon 60D camera with an ultra wide-angle lens.

Nick enjoys shooting landscapes and does architectural photography and portraits as well. Most of what Nick has learned about photography he picked up through experience.

Nick loves spending time outdoors and sharing his experiences through his photos and videos. He also runs a popular outdoors website called Backcountry Post where thousands of hikers and backpackers get together to share photos and experiences from their outdoor adventures.

Awesome shot, Nick. We are excited to see many more photos from you and hope to see them in this year’s contest and calendar!

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