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A performance review doesn’t have to be something you dread!

It is a tool to boost PRODUCTIVITY, increase MORALE and improve PERFORMANCE!

An annual performance review is an opportunity for an employee and their supervisor to meet and discuss the employee’s performance for the previous twelve months. Goals are set for the upcoming year while addressing employee needs.


  • • Both supervisor and employee have a responsibility to prepare for the annual performance review.
  • • The supervisor should complete an evaluation form of the employee’s performance and be prepared to share it with the employee. (Various evaluation forms are available).
  • • The employee should also complete and submit a self-evaluation to the supervisor in advance.
  • • The supervisor may seek input from others that could provide valuable input to the employee’s performance.

Setting The Stage

  • • Choose a location that will create a comfortable environment for dialogue.
  • • Allow enough time so the review will not be rushed.
  • • Express appreciation for the employee’s time and preparation, and set a positive tone for the review

Review Past Performance

  • • Review previous goals and expectations that you mutually agreed upon in your previous review.
  • • Determine the degree of success for each goal and discuss the factors that influenced the employee’s efforts and barriers.

Set New Goals and Expectations

  • • Set mutually agreeable goals for the coming year
  • • Make sure that goals are SMART!

Addressing Compensation

  • • Do not allow concerns about compensation to effect you while you are doing your review
  • • Determine in advance what you feel is a fair and equitable wage. Review past increases and what the budget will allow for the coming year.
  • • You may wish to review all the valuable benefits outside of the employee’s salary.

Wrap Up on a Positive Note

  • • Try to end the review on a positive note once again acknowledging positive attributes and performance and expressing confidence in their ability to be successful in the future.
  • • There should be no surprises in a performance review. If there are surprises with what is discussed, there is a good chance that you have not done a good job throughout the year openly expressing yourself during your 39:1 interviews.

Get ready for your review by filling out a Self Appraisal.

Employee Self Appraisal (PDF)


  • Catherine Stimpson

    February 27, 2015, 2:18 pm

    You guys are the best! Always so friendly, fun and positive! With Astym, Nylin got me running again!! Just finished my 5th half marathon and received my fastest time yet!

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    August 24, 2017, 4:16 pm

    Ryan is the best, always friendly and awesome to work with. He got me through my two shoulder surgeries and got me back to where I could work again. Great guy and knowledgeable too, thank you Ryan!

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