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How Return to Sport Training Works

The Return to Sport Testing begins with a therapist performing video analysis with a high frame rate camera to film your mechanics and motion during six agility tasks. You will also complete four hop tests and leg strength testing using a tensiometer to measure 1 repetition maximum.

Once you’ve completed the test, your therapist will review your scores and results. This will put you in a category of low, mid and high risk of injury. Your therapist will dispense mobility, coordination and strength exercises based on your deficits to improve how you handle the stress and mechanical demands of your sport.

Your therapist may also recommend follow-up visits to help you achieve your goals and make necessary changes to achieve good mechanics. Recent studies have shown that task training such as jump training and single leg step down can significantly reduce stress through the knee joint thereby reducing knee injury. You will most likely retest after your training to evaluate risk after completing training program.