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running faq

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I get hurt?

There are many theories why injuries occur. Everything from stretching, to running surfaces, to shoes can be blamed for running injuries. However, we have discovered that the cause of an injury can often be traced to the way we run. This has become a basis for how we treat injuries as part of our running program.

Our Mountain Land therapists take an active approach in identifying all the possible risk factors while running. We are always up to date with recent studies that investigate the cause of running injuries, and use that information to help you improve your running and avoid injury.

Using innovative methods such as Running Video Analysis, our physical therapists will assess your body mechanics, step rate, and impact forces to diagnose possible reasons for your pain.

Who needs the running program?

We built this program to provide support to runners of any age, discipline or experience. Our program can help you, even if you don’t currently experience pain or injury.

We were all born to run. Whether you are training for a marathon, distance relay race, 10k, 5k, or you just enjoy seeing how far your feet can carry you; anyone can benefit from Mountain Land Physical Therapy’s running program.

What makes our program different?

Mountain Land’s running program cuts through the myths about running injuries. We work with runners, creating a personalized plan to improve running mechanics and decrease the risk of injury.

With the help of video cameras and sophisticated computer software, we analyze your running motion and provide you with visual feedback. We show you how small changes to your running mechanics will make a huge difference in how you feel. Learn more about our video running evaluation program here.

An in-depth physical evaluation will identify areas of weakness, tightness, and other asymmetries that result in mechanical dysfunction. We work with you on stretching and strengthening your core, hips, knees, legs, and ankles so that your body can better handle the stresses of running.

Recent studies have shown that runners can achieve the muscle memory necessary to run with proper mechanics in as little as 8 training visits. During those 8 visits we provide you with the tools and training tips to continue to run without pain.