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Sexual Trauma and Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy

Pelvic Health Podcast episode 34 artwork
The newest episode of The Mountain Land Pelvic Health Podcast is now available! This month, we speak with Rebecca Post, a licensed clinical social worker at Wholehearted Healing in Utah about sexual trauma and its relation to pelvic floor physical therapy.

Rebecca attended the University of Utah and received her Master’s in Social Worker with a specialization in Mental Health. She completed her training at the University of Utah Women’s Resource Center. Currently, she runs Wholehearted Healing, a therapy practice focused on working with individuals who understand their patterns and still wonder why they are not able to make changes on their own.

In this podcast, we discuss the different types of therapy and therapist options, the multidisciplinary approach needed to treat these individuals, signs and symptoms to identify if a patient may have suffered from trauma, if they may be dissociating and when practitioners should be referring patients to a different provider. We also educate on being an advocate for yourself, allowing the patient to have control during their different therapy sessions and how to assist overall in the healing process.

Listen to this episode below or wherever you get your podcasts!

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