Staff Photo Spotlight: Breanna Graehl

Congratulations to Breanna Graehl, Clinic Coordinator of our Downtown Salt Lake City Clinic! Bre’s photo was chosen as a the winner for the month of June in the 2018 Mountain Land Calendar!

Bre captured this stunning mountain view during a 14-mile hike in Cascade Canyon in Grand Teton National Park. The hike was intended to culminate with a late July swim in Lake Solitude, but that plan was thwarted by the snow and ice that still sealed in the lake. Thinking it best to not attempt a polar bear plunge, Bre and her family made the best of the trip by enjoying the beautiful views and scenery from the top of the hike. Great shot Bre, and congratulations on winning!

Don’t forget that the 2018 Mountain Land Staff Photo Contest is now open! Be sure to send us your best photos for your chance to win a spot in next year’s calendar! Visit for more information and to enter.

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