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Welcome Bill Walters, PT, DPT!

Welcome Bill Walters, PT, DPT, to our Eagle clinic! Bill received his Doctorate of Physical Therapy from George Fox University in 2019. Bill has extensive experience working with chronic pain, low back pain, and all types of orthopedic injuries. He also obtains experience working within a primary care program, collaborating with physicians and other providers to diagnose and treat musculoskeletal conditions in a family medicine setting.

Bill’s therapy philosophy is, “I believe the human body has an amazing capacity for adaptation and change under the right conditions. Discovering what conditions are necessary is very complex, because pain is a unique experience for each person, and I believe therapy should account for this and match each person individually.” Bill was inspired to enter the field of physical therapy due to his fascination of the human body and how we move. Bill discovered physical therapy and found that he can apply his knowledge and passion for understanding how we move, to help people adapt, recover, train, and learn about their body, in order to live more enriched and fulfilling lives.

Bill is interested in all forms of endurance and physical capabilities; he enjoys working with other runners and endurance athletes within his practice. Bill is an ultra-marathon runner and loves to run, hike, hunt, and fish. Bill has a young bird-dog puppy that is teaching him more about running and endurance daily. Additionally, Bill enjoys playing guitar, listening to music, and art.

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Pelvic Health Summit

We held the first ever Pelvic Health Summit last weekend in beautiful Park City, Utah! Thank you to all the attendees, speakers, and sponsors who made the summit such a success! Keep an eye out for information about future summits.
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Welcome, Jershon Varble, PT, DPT!

Jershon Varble, PT, DPT, is one of our newest additions to our South Weber clinic! Jershon received his Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Plymouth State University. Jershon has worked with Mountain Land as a student physical therapist for three months and is now pursuing a full-time Physical Therapist position with us; we couldn’t be more excited!
Jershon’s therapy philosophy is to simply be an “independent healer” while assisting patients. He was inspired to enter the field of Physical Therapy after taking anatomy in high school. From that moment onward Jershon knew he wanted to be a physical therapist.
Besides practicing physical therapy, Jershon loves anything outdoors, sports, and family-related. Jershon also loves board games, hiking, camping, as well as running.

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Say Hello to Jaclyn Arave, PT, DPT, ATC!

Say hello to Jaclyn Arave, PT, DPT, ATC to our Bountiful clinic! Jaclyn has been a member of the Mountain Land team since 2015, starting with us as a Physical Therapy Aide. Jaclyn then received her undergraduate in Athletic Training from Weber State University and spent four years with us as an Athletic Trainer. In May of 2022, Jaclyn graduated from the University of Utah with a Doctorate of Physical Therapy.

Jaclyn obtains an emphasis in sports rehabilitation due to her extensive clinical experience within athletic training. She has worked with many high school and collegiate athletes giving her the understanding of how to rehabilitate, improve, and ultimately prepare athletes to return to sport. Jaclyn’s therapy philosophy is to, “Work hard, laugh, and have fun on the journey to getting back to what you love.”

Jaclyn has been an athlete for the majority of her life and has experienced the benefits of physical therapy herself, sparking a lifelong passion for the field. “My exposure to this field has always been positive and I think it’s a very fulfilling job to help others get back to what they love to do, and help them accomplish things they never thought they could.” Other than physical therapy, Jaclyn enjoys reading, running half-marathons, kayaking, playing volleyball, and traveling.

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