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Thanksgiving Safety 101

It’s time to give thanks. Let the celebration of family, happiness and health begin. We hope you’ll make this holiday the best one yet by taking a moment to read and share these simple Thanksgiving tips.

Travel with a Plan

  • • Prep the car before you leave. Make sure it has an oil change or routine maintenance, and stock it with an emergency kit, blanket, bottled water, tire repair kit, car insurance – and games for the kids.
  • • Mentally prepare for busy roads and anxious drivers. Build in extra travel time, plan for regular restful stops, and keep calm with music, books on tape or frequent driver changes.
  • • Don’t rush for a one-day road trip when you could be safer staying over with friends or family. Or whenever possible fly in a day early or out a day late to avoid airport hassles.
  • • Give yourself plenty of extra time to confirm flight status, check in early and navigate busy parking lots, security lines and crowds in general. Consider staying at an airport hotel the night before your flight.
  • • Bring along simple comforts that will keep you happy and relaxed: pillow, eye mask, music player, book, games, etc.
  • • Make a checklist and complete it the night before you travel.

Cook with Caution

  • • Make a thoughtful cooking plan (write it down!) and line up one or more timers to keep you on track.
  • • Wear tighter-fitting clothing with shorter sleeves to stay safe when cooking.
  • • Test all smoke alarms well in advance of Thanksgiving.
  • • Stay near the kitchen with a few designated chefs to monitor dish timing.
  • • Ask friends or family members to bring a few prepared dishes or desserts.
  • • Designate a “social chair” to keep kids and adults entertained outside of the kitchen.

We hope this Thanksgiving is one you remember not because of a missed flight or scorched green bean casserole, but because of the fond memories you make with family and friends.

Happy Thanksgiving,

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