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TMJ Therapy

TMJ/TMD Therapy: A Team Approach

TMD VEN DIAGRAMThe jaw is one of the most active joints in your body, and one vital to every-day living. Speaking, chewing, and yawning are all controlled by the Temporomandibular joint (TMJ). When this joint is injured or fatigued, it can cause headaches, popping or clicking, ringing in the ears, and pain.

We understand that the best way to treat your TMJ pain is to fully understand your individual needs, and determine the best method of treating you. Our Team Approach brings together physicians, dentists and physical therapists to provide you the best-quality treatment possible for each individual patient.

Physical Therapy for TMJ/TMD

As physical therapists, we work with you to help restore the natural movement of your jaw and decrease the pain. We begin by evaluating your posture and neck movement. We also examine the TMJ and the movement of the jaw to determine how well the mouth opens, and if there are any abnormalities in the jaw motion.

Once we understand the nuances of your condition, we move forward with necessary treatment. We provide hands on manual therapy at the neck and jaw to restore full pain free motion, postural education and strengthening exercises, and in some cases, electrical stimulation to help reduce