Wellness Program

Mountain Land Wellness


At Mountain Land we take your health and well being seriously. We understand that
 we are all on different points in our journey of health. We recognize that it is not necessarily the speed, but the direction that matters most. We want to help everyone find their “active.” Whatever your active dreams are, we want to help you achieve them. From the desire to get up the stairs easier to completing your first marathon, we want to be there.

We know that there are multiple players in your health, with you being the most important part. We customize fitness plans to what your body is ready for. We respect past injuries and work safely to make an improved you!

Choose Your Path:

  • Weight Loss Programs
  • Fitness Coaching
  • Online Training
  • Health Coaching
  • Group Training
  • Metabolic Blueprint

Because everyone is different, there is not 
a specific weight loss or fitness plan that 
fits all. We customize each plan to each person. Working with other disciplines as necessary, we are able to safely get you to a more fulfilling way of life. From the exercises, the calorie guidelines, the amount of accountability, and more; we have plans and options for everyone.

We believe in dreaming, and we want to help everyone achieve their dreams. Come to Mountain Land and let us work with you to achieve a new you.