Frequently Asked Questions

How much weight can I expect to lose with the 10 week weight loss program?

The amount of weight lost during the program can vary greatly between individuals. Many factors can influence the amount of weight lost, including: age, amount overweight, past history of dieting, past history of exercising, metabolic rate, gender, medication use and more. The general “safe” rule for weight loss is two pounds per week. We try to stick around that, which would indicate a loss of approximately 20 pounds over the course of the program.

How is your program different from other weight loss programs?

We believe in our clients! We believe in who they are and in who they can become. We teach them to believe in themselves. We empower them with the knowledge and accountability to make the proper changes in their life to get positive and long term changes.

It seems you have a heavy emphasis on education, what types of things will I learn?

We do have a heavy emphasis on education. This is because we want you to learn how to lose weight, actually lose the weight, and then be able to keep it off. It is the principle of being given a fish or being taught how to fish. We want you to teach you how to fish, so you can continue with the changes you have made forever.

Why does weight vary from day to day, even with sticking faithfully to a diet?

Meaningful weight loss is not a minute by minute process, but rather a culmination of diligent healthy behaviors over time. True weight loss is most accurately measured if an individual weighs every two weeks, and uses that as their gauge of progress. Daily fluctuations in weight are often the results of water weight and dehydration. Don’t get too discouraged or too excited with day to day fluctuations.

What is resting metabolic rate?

The amount of energy, or calories, your body needs to function in a resting state for 24 hours. This varies between individuals.